Hello! I am Fernando Comet

A Digital Professional focused on UX Design and Animation. I am also an Ad Specialist, a Medium writer and a Photographer.

As a UX Designer: I studied philosophy so my first approach always comes from this area. I like very much anthropology and sociology, so before starting anything about a project, I make a lot of research in these areas to understand the product, customer and problems better. Then I do a lot of sketching and jump to UX methodologies we all know, sometimes I even try to invent new ones!

Right now, I have just joined Ironhack for the next six months to be a Teacher Assistant at UX/UI Design Part Time Bootcamp in Madrid. Besides my work at Weborama, I have some UX freelance projects.

I don´t consider myself a UI Designer although I can make things work. I feel myself more on the deep side of UX. I am also a member of the Interaction Design Foundation and exalumni of Ironhack and Mr. Marcel School.

As an Animator I can animate things in timeline or by code. I was one of the Flash boys making fun on the web, now I can do the same with Principle or Flinto.

As an Ad Specialist I have worked in digital agencies and at Weborama for more than 10 years. My work consists basically of giving support to all creatives and media agencies creating Ads. This involves production, design, coding, support, trainings and workshops, documentation, creation of new Ad Formats and campaign coordination. I think I have given support for more than 200 agencies in Spain, Europe and Latam markets. I am an active member of iab Spain specially for formats. I have writen some articles on this:

I am extremely curious, I spend a lot of time searching digital insights on the web, downloading Apps, etc. Some call me 'Trendhunter', some 'Content generator', some 'Unicorn', what I can say is that I like discovering and trying new things.

I always have something in mind, last year I wrote more than 30 posts on Medium, you can check them right here.

And last but not least, I am a Photographer:

You can contact me by Linkedin, Twitter, Mail, or find me in Slack.