How it started

I started reading comics, studying business and philosophy.

September 2002
I went to the employment office and started taking design courses, and while working in technical support, I started as a freelancer.
At that time Adobe bought Macromedia and I was working at Santillana as a Flash animator, at Universia and at TBWA Interactive.
October 2007
After a while I joined a great agency, Genetsis Partners where we made microsites for big brands.
January 2009
Then I jumped to an agency already specialized in online advertising, Comunica+A. I specialized in Ads and RichMedia, with brands such as Orange, LaCaixa, Mapfre, Endesa, and above all a great team.
November 2010
I took a step towards technology and joined Weborama, in the Adserving part. My job was to support creative and media agencies for the creation of Ads, basically solving problems. We were the main Adserver for Publicis group in Spain and Latam, among others.
October 2018
Around this time I started to complete my training (if it ever ended), I made two Bootcamps at Ironhack: UXUI and Full Stack Developer. I also worked as a Teacher Assistant in UXUI Bootcamp.
May 2019
I was leading a team for Ifema in Making Science, where we made hundreds of Ads. I got Google certification and started specializing in Google DCO.
May 2020
Since May 2020 I am a digital freelancer, first I kept working with Ad agencies like Craft, ROI UP or Apache Digital. And over time I discovered Webflow where I started to develop work together with UX design studios like Elastic Heads.
ROI UPApache DigitalCraftElastic Heads
Feb 2022
In February 2022 I joined the Outliant team as a Webflow Developer. I basically build sites with various integrations.
Very happy to work with Outliant in a multicultural and 100% remote company. I'm also touching React and my favorite animation library: GSAP.
How is it going
A Webflow Developer comes into a bar, never stops learning, researching, looking for inspiration, talking with designers. Next step for this digital nomad is about traveling ;D