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I usually work like this:
- I work from scratch (I don't like making fixes, taking unfinished projects or working with templates)
- I usually ask for design before doing any job, I ask for Desktop and Mobile at least (both compulsory). I like when Design team has a Design System or a Styleguide (Sketch/Figma/XD yes, Illustrator/Photoshop no please)
- I Work with Finsweet's ClientFirst or Relume Class Naming system. I can also use others. I'm working on my own too.
- I Work with REM
- I work atomically, by components: First Styleguide, then  NavBar, Footer other components, containers and spacers. Lastly, interactions
- I use custom code too, especially to animate I prefer to use GSAP to the native IxD of Webflow
- I follow  recommendations from Google Core Web vitals for Performance, Accessibility, best practices and SEO
- I also work with CMS, and with integrations such as Memberstack
- I can budget by hour (I prefer this one), by project, by monthly fee

Display Ads Specialist

Ads, DCO and Rich Media

I have worked in/with Digital Agencies such as Genetsis Partners, Comunica+A, Making Science, ROI UP, Apache Digital and Craft (McCann). Also I have worked on Adserving as Ad Specialist.

For more than eight years at Weborama my work was giving technical support to creative and media agencies. This involved production, design, coding, support, trainings and workshops, documentation, creation of new Ad Formats and campaign coordination, giving support for the most known Advertisers and more than 200 agencies in Spain, Europe and Latam markets.

I have also worked a lot with DCO (Google). I am an expert on Adobe AnimateCC, Google Web Designer and can animate also by code using libraries such as GSAP, Velocity, Anime or Pixi. I am certified by Google on Ads production and I am also using last trends on SVG animation. See portfolio

Script Animation

Experimental approach comes live

I live in Codepen, CodeSandbox and Codrops among others. I follow all these and look into web animation trends.

Not only Webflow IxD, Lottie or CSS, but also JS libraries like Anime, Blotter, Pixi, Locomotive, Velocity, Mojs, Bouncejs, P5js, there are many!

I have gone deeper: Redrawing svg so as to have paths, using extra plugins from GSAP: ScrollTrigger, MotionPath, DrawSVG, MorphSVG. Even more: Integrating it into React projects.

Timing, Clipping, Easing, Smooth, Rhythm, Looping...... It's hard, painstaking work, lots of testing, but yes, I have done it and I like it!



I am a Shopify partner, certified in Business Fundamentals & Theme Development.

For Shopify I like working with customized templates 2.0 as they have a strict validation process, have good UX and a lot of testing, especially for payment gateways.

I work together with a team on the Shopify ecommerce platform, startup and launch focused on conversion and based on the company's brand values.



I studied philosophy so my first approach always comes from this area. I make a lot of research for everything. I do it to understand product, customer and user better.

I do a lot of sketching before jumping to UX methodologies. I can work with wireframes, user flows, prototyping, testing, usability and overall experience of the application works for the end-user.

I have experience in facilitation and also in teaching, I was Teacher Assistant at UX/UI Bootcamp at Ironhack. I have worked in UX freelance projects on my own and as a part of a team. I have written more than 80 articles on Medium, many of them UX related, published by Prototypr and UXPlanet. I am also a member of the Interaction Design Foundation.

I like very much making benchmarks and studying different aproachs from the social and anthropological view.


I write about

Many things ;D

It´s all about searching

I have a strong Research background and have been writing for various jobs as well as blogging.

My process is: I look for a topic, I do a lot of research, I extract the first ideas, and then I try to carry them out, look for examples, contrast opinions with trends.

I can write technical documentation, research, trends. compilations, software and tools' reviews, research about trends, challenges, UX Methods, Interaction, experiments, write a lot about design job market.

Take a look at my articles on Medium.