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Azagra Patentes y Marcas

A branding site for a Corporation specialized in Patents ands Trademarks. Designed by Kolision Studio, programmed by me, full site #MadeInWebflow

Azagra Patentes y Marcas
La Cantina Sonora

La Cantina Sonora

Music for audiovisual projects. Working on original music composition, covers, audio branding, sync licenses, image rights and musical artist collaborations.

Despedidas Big

A bachelor party site, built on Webflow and integrated with an open source CMS.

Despedidas Big
Curso Northcamp Webflow


A site to train new webflowers from scratch at Northcamp School.

Display Ads

Fitur Fair, IFEMA

Since year 2010 I have worked in different agencies and tech partners, building a great portoflio in the industry of Display Advertising.
I am specialized in Ad production and Google DCO. For that I have worked with many media and creative agencies.

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Coca-Cola Energy

I got into Display Advertising working for Comunica+A Digital agency.
I moved forward to Weborama AdServer where I spent nine years. At Weborama I gave support to more than a hundred creative and media agencies in display Advertising.

It was the main AdServer of Publicis Group,  I worked hand in hand with all their media and creative agencies (Media agencies as Starcom, Zenith, Optimedia, Carat, Havas, and Creative agencies as Proximity, Contrapunto or Leo Burnett) not only in Spain, but also in Latam market.

StarWars Pandora

Then I moved to Making Science where I led a team of designers working for Ifema, building international campaigns such as Fitur or Arco.

Since 2020 I am an independent freelance developer. I have worked with media agencies as Apache Digital and ROI UP Agency, building Google DCO Ads. I have worked also with other agencies such as Rebold and Craft (McCann), working on international campaigns.

L'Oréal Gender Equity

In the design area I like working with any vector light software (Figma, Sketch, AdobeXD).

I can build Ads with Adobe Animate CC, GWD or just in Scratch. I have Creative and Google Studio certification. I am specialist in Ad performance and optimization, I have been QA at Weborama, I can work with any AdServer.

I build Ads with advanced animation techniques both in CSS and Javascript libraries such as GSAP, Anime, Velocity, Kute, Blotter, Mo, ScrollReveal, Pace, Bounce, etc. I can also use last svg animation techniques or integrate Lottie animations.

User Experience